In October 2011, new functionality was added to the EGrades system. Instead of requiring instructors to fill out and submit all grade changes on paper special grade report forms, the majority of grade changes may now be made electronically using EGrades.

When Can EGrades Be Used to Change Grades?

EGrades may be used in place of paper special grade report forms when the following criteria are met:

  • Grade changes may only be made during the current grading period for a given semester.
  • Grade changes cannot be made for students who are degree candidates in the semester for which grades are being submitted/approved.
  • The new grade may be higher or lower than the current grade (incompletes may be changed to any valid grade, including F and NCR).
  • Grade changes are only allowed for students with open prime major programs (MPs). Grade changes are not allowed when prime MPs are closed. MPs are closed when students leave the University (transfer, withdrawal, take a leave of absence, etc…) or graduate.
  • Changing an Incomplete grade to a different grade is allowed, including grade changes from I to F or NCR.
  • Grade option rules are enforced. An original letter grade may only be changed to a higher or lower letter grade. A pass/fail grade may only be changed to a different pass/fail grade, etc… Grade changes that involve grade option changes (changing a letter grade to a pass/fail grade or vice versa) must be submitted using paper special grade report forms.

Grade changes can still be made when the rules above prevent grade changes in EGrades. Paper Special Grade Report change forms must be submitted when EGrades is not an option. Blank special grade report forms are still available in the academic departments. Completed special grade report forms should be submitted to course administrator in the academic department.

Steps for Changing Grades in EGrades

The process for changing grades using EGrades is very similar to process of submitting original grades. Follow the steps below to change grades:

  1. Login to EGrades.
  2. Go the EGrades home page.
  3. Click the “Change” link for the appropriate section.
  4. You will next see a roster of students who have previously approved grades that can be changed.
  5. Click the down arrow in the “New Grade” box next to the student for whom you want to make a grade change. Hint: You can change the grades for more than one student at a time.
  6. Once you have chosen a student who needs a grade change, use the dropdown list of available grades to select the valid grade change selection. Hint: if you do not see a specific grade option for a student, it means that the grade option is not available. Contact his or her dean’s office with questions.
  7. Click the Save and Continue button when you are finished with all grade changes.
  8. If you have approval capability and are ready, you can approve changed grades by clicking the blue Approve button.
  9. If you are not the course grader (a.k.a. grade approver) and therefore do not have approval capability, the course grader is required to approve grade changes before they are posted to SIS (WebSTAC). The name of the course grader is displayed on the Confirm Submission page. Course Graders are notified by email when grade changes have been saved and are ready for approval.