Step 1: Enter Grades

  • For each course section, you have the option of submitting grades three ways: by manual data entry, by importing a formatted spreadsheet or text file, or by using Canvas.
  • Grades do not need to be submitted for all students at the same time. You may Save entered and/or approved grades for a portion of your class at any point during the online grading period, and return to enter/approve more grades at a later time. You will in fact be asked to do this in May when the grade deadline for the May degree candidates is earlier than the deadline for all other students.
  • If you are entering grades for a large class or have a tendency to go slowly and check notes, etc. as you enter grades, you will want to click the Save button periodically then go back and enter more grades. EGrades is a web tool that will idle-out after a period of inactivity with the SIS database (about 45 minutes without a Save or Approval) in which case your unsaved grades may be lost and need to be re-entered.
  • The Valid Grades Chart on the EGrades sidebar menu shows the valid grades for each grading option in each division of the University.

Options for Entering Grades:

Manual Data Entry

To manually enter grades online for a course section, click on “Enter” and your roster will appear. You can re-sort the roster by clicking on various column headers; this will be important when you need to identify freshman at midterms and the degree candidates in May. A drop-down listbox of valid grades for each student is provided to assist you in entering grades (valid grades will vary according to the student’s prime division and grading option). When you are finished entering one or more grades, click the Save and Continue button.

Note: an alternative to clicking on the drop-down listbox for each student is to use your keyboard to select a grade and move from student to student. With the cursor in the Grade column on a particular student, type “A” (or B, or C, etc.) one or more times to see the various valid grades that begin with the letter “A”. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next student on your roster; the Shift/Tab combination will take you back to the previous student. When you are finished entering grades, click the Save and Continue button.

Importing a Formatted Spreadsheet

To submit grades from a file:

  • Export the EGrades roster to your own computer (click on the ““Export” link for the course located on the EGrades home page).
    • Enter your grades into that file (if you column copy from another spreadsheet/file be sure to check that student lists are in the same order and proof your work)
  • Import the roster with grades back into EGrades (using the “Import” link).
  • Contact the Office of the University Registrar (935-5959) if you have problems with the submission file.


  • There are different columns for Midterm and Final grades on every exported file and be sure to record your grades in the appropriate column on your spreadsheet or text file.
  • Do NOT make changes to the column headings or other data elements on the exported file. If you re-sort your file, be sure that the column headers stay at the top of the file.

After importing your grade file, review the data for accuracy and then click the Save and Continue button. EGrades will check for valid grades at this point and let you know if any were not.

Using Canvas

Users of the Canvas gradebook can either submit grades directly from Canvas into EGrades and then approve them in EGrades, or export the Canvas gradebook (for midterm or final grade submission) and then import the grades into EGrades using the “Importing a Formatted Spreadsheet” process (referenced above).

Here are the steps for exporting the Canvas gradebook grades from Canvas into EGrades:

  1. Export the Canvas gradebook.
    Instructions on exporting a Canvas gradebook can be found at How do I export grades from the Canvas Gradebook? webpage.
    For help with Canvas, please use the resources outlined at Faculty/Staff Support.
  2. Export the EGrades roster file spreadsheet template from EGrades.
  3. Copy the grades you want to submit from the Canvas gradebook export file into the EGrades Roster file spreadsheet template. Save the template.
    Be sure to use the appropriate midterm or final grade columns.
  4. Import the EGrades roster file (NOT the Canvas gradebook file), with the midterm or final grades, into EGrades (using the “Import” link found on the EGrades home page).
  5. Login to EGrades and review the grade submissions.
    Check for invalid grades. The most common type of error that occurs after submitting from Canvas usually involves a grading option change, such as a letter grade being submitted for a student who is taking the course Pass/Fail, etc.
  6. Proceed to the EGrades Approval Step at Step_2:_Approve_Grades.
    Grades will not post until the EGrades approval step is completed.

Notes on assigning grades:

  • Contact the student’s dean’s office if you have questions about the meaning or use of specific grades.
  • The Valid Grades Chart on the EGrades sidebar menu shows the valid grades for each grading option in each division of the University.
  • You cannot add or drop a student from class through EGrades. If a student on your roster has not attended class or you have no information regarding that student, leave the Grade field blank and contact the student’s Dean’s Office. Each school has its own policies regarding late drops and failing grades for inattendance. Similarly, if a student who has attended class is not on the EGrades roster, contact the student’s Dean’s Office. They may add the student administratively to your course in which case you can re-open EGrades and proceed with entering that grade online.
  • The names and phone numbers of the appropriate Dean’s Office staff can be found here, EGrades