Step 2: Approve Grades

  • On the EGrades Approval page, review all grades which have been entered and saved. If all are accurate, click the Approve button.

Note: Any instructor linked to a section has the ability to enter and save grades. However, only the instructor designated as the course “Grader” in WUCRSL has the ability to Approve grades. If you believe that you should have approval capability but do not have access to the approval page in EGrades, contact your department.

  • If you need to make corrections or last minute changes to saved grades before you Approve them, just click on the student’s name to bring up a data entry window. From there, you will be able to change and save the grade.
  • At the point of Approval you will again be alerted to any invalid grades (it is possible that a student’s grading option could have changed between the point at which grades were submitted and when they were approved, or that a late drop was processed by a dean’s office). Invalid grades can be corrected by clicking on the student’s name and entering a new grade, and then performing a quick resubmit and approval.
  • Upon approval, valid grades are immediately posted to the student’s academic record in SIS (WebSTAC) and are accessible by both students and administrative offices. No additional action is required.

Note: If you need to change a grade after you have clicked the Approve button, you may do so in EGrades. For more information see How to Change Grades Using EGrades.

  • If all of your grades are approved correctly, no additional action is required. To review grades, refer to the Actual Grade column on the EGrades roster or go to WebFAC (click on Courses and Rosters, pick the semester and then click the Grades tab).
  • Whenever grades are approved and posted to student records using EGrades, an e-mail confirmation notice is sent to each of the instructors for that course section to acknowledge that this has been done.

Note: If you are the designated Course Grader and receive an EGrades confirmation notice but have not approved the online submission of the grades indicated, please contact the Office of the University Registrar immediately at