Washington University students use WebSTAC (short for web student access), a WUSTL Key-enabled system that allows students to access and manage their academic information while in school and after graduation.

WebSTAC tools enable students to register for classes, see midterm and final grades, request transcripts, as well as review billing information and interface with Residential Life, Dining Services, and the Campus Card program.

Students are required to maintain current address information with the University. WebSTAC provides tools where students can review and update US Postal and international addresses and phone numbers as needed. WU also provides a University email address to most students. After graduation, students are encouraged to update their email address at WebSTAC to keep it current.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), student addresses and telephone numbers are considered directory information at WU. This means that they may be publically available unless the student has placed an Information Restriction on their record, which is the student’s option under the law. For more information, review the University’s FERPA policy at https://registrar.wustl.edu/student-records/ferpa-privacy/