The Freshman Under 12 Units report details first year students who are enrolled in 11 or fewer units in a given semester. In order to maintain full-time status and to keep on track toward graduation, students must complete a minimum of 12 units per semester. A drop below 12 units in given semester may be indicative of difficulty(s) faced by the students. It’s a good idea to check this report at the beginning of the semester, just after the drop/add period (just as the third week of the semester is beginning) and just after the last day to withdrawal from a course (just as the 12th week of the semester is beginning).

The report includes:

  • Student ID Number
  • Name (which is also a link. Clicking on the name takes you to the student’s academic record)
  • Prime Division
  • Enrolled Units (the number of units for which the student is currently enrolled)
  • Waitlisted Units (the number of units for which the student is waitlisted)
  • Enrollment Info (the student’s enrollment status)
  • Email Checkbox (click the box if you want to send an email to a particular student)
  • Email Address (this is a link. Clicking it will open up the WebFAC email tool)

Send an email to any single person on the list by clicking the email hyperlink, or send an email to multiple people by clicking the checkboxes next to the email addresses and then clicking the appropriate hyperlink at the bottom of your advisee list.