The Registration Authorization report focuses on the Electronic Registration Authoriation (ERA) process process and lists only students who are not approved to register for one reason or another. The report shows students who are not able to register because they either have not been authorized or they have at least one hold. The report “shrinks,” as more and more advisees are approved for registration, their names come off the report. Use this report to troubleshoot and contact advisees who have not yet met their ERA obligations.

The report includes:

  • Student ID Number
  • Name (which is also a link. Clicking on the name takes you to the student’s academic record)
  • Prime Division
  • Level
  • Semester of Entry
  • Anticipated Degree Date (year of anticipated graduation)
  • ERA OK (this column displays a Yes or No which indicates whether or not students have been fully authorized by all required advisors)
  • Holds (indicates whether or not students have holds preventing them from registering. Any hold will block registration. To see the specific type of hold, you will need to view a Student Record Printout. Student can also see their holds in WebSTAC)
  • RAN OK (obsolete column that no longer has any meaning)
  • Email Checkbox (click the box if you want to send an email to a particular student)
  • Email Address (this is a link. Clicking it will open up the WebFAC email tool)
  • Intent to Graduate (displays Yes or No indicating whether or not the student has filed an intent to graduate for the next graduation cycle – May, August or December)

Send an email to any single person on the list by clicking the email hyperlink, or send an email to multiple people by clicking the checkboxes next to the email addresses and then clicking the appropriate hyperlink at the bottom of your advisee list.