Select Advisees on the WebFAC menu to see a list of all your advisees. (Note the different tabs for Current Advisees or All Advisees, which includes both current and former advisees.)

From an Advisee list in WebFAC, you can do several things:

Click on a student’s name to open up his/her academic record for review. There are tabs at the top of the window that take you to different aspects of the student’s record.

  • Summary
  • Student Record Printout
  • Distribution
  • Student Plans
  • Registration Authorization (go to this tab to authorize a student to register)
  • Schedule

Send an email to any single person on the list by clicking the email hyperlink, or send an email to multiple people by clicking the checkboxes next to the email addresses and then clicking the appropriate hyperlink at the bottom of your advisee list.

Students in some academic divisions are required to consult with one or more academic advisors before registering for classes in order to obtain authorization. This is called Electronic Registration Authorization (ERA). Advisors can indicate their authorization on either the Registration Authorization tab from the advisee’s record, or from the Registration Authorization report under “Advisee Reports” on the WebFAC menu.