The Advisee Grade Report lets you scroll through a class schedule for each advisee. The class schedule includes basic course information, including mid-term and final grades. You can choose to run this report for future, current and past semesters. For example, you can run this report at the end of December to see all of the final grades for students who were registered in the fall. In addition, you can also run the report in December and see all of the courses a student is going to take next semester, by selecting to see the following spring.

The report has an option to use the first letter of the student’s last name to retrieve their information more quickly.

The report includes:

  • Name (which is also a link. Clicking on the name takes you to the student’s academic record)
  • Student ID Number
  • Prime Division
  • Level
  • Semester of Entry
  • Course Number
  • Course Title
  • Grade Option under which the student registered (credit, pass/fail, audit, etc)
  • Units
  • Mid-Term Grade
  • Final Grade