Canvas is the University’s learning management system. It is a web-based system that is integrated with the University’s student information system (SIS). Information about Canvas can be found at Canvas.

General Canvas help can be found at Faculty/Staff Support help.

Canvas Roles and Permissions

WashU has defined a collection of Canvas user roles to correspond to the roles individuals may be assigned to courses. Roles and their permissions are summarized in the table found on the MyCanvas website \ Canvas Roles and Permissions.

  • Generally, course roles are not directly added into Canvas but are, instead, added by school registrars or department staff via WashU Course Listings (WUCRSL), which then flow into Canvas. The only exceptions to this process are the roles of Guest or Guest Student, which are directly added in Canvas by Canvas School Administrators with appropriate approval.
  • Adding/removing instructors, TAs/AIs, support roles, and/or enrolled/waitlisted students cannot be done in Canvas. It must be done using WUCRSL (for instructors/TAs/support people) or SIS (for enrolled/waitlisted students). Contact your area’s course administrator for assistance.The default WUCRSL settings for AIs, TAs, Support, Mentors and UGTAs is that Canvas gradebook access is turned off (see “No GB” roles listed above).
    • However, gradebook access for these roles can be turned on by clicking the WUCRSL “Access Canvas Gradebook” checkbox. Once access to the gradebook is established in WUCRSL, permissions in CANVAS change (see “w/GB” roles listed above). Contact your area’s course administrator for assistance with this extra gradebook setting.
  • Support persons may be granted additional access to certain tasks related to, but completely outside of Canvas. These include Enter EGrades, View WebFAC Grades and Evaluate.
    • Contact your area’s course administrator for assistance.
    • Enter EGrades: Allows faculty/staff/graduate student support people to enter grades through the EGrades system. Only instructors can approve EGrades. Not allowed for undergraduates.
    • View WebFAC Grades: Allows a support person to view approved grades in WebFAC. Not allowed for undergrad.
    • Evaluate: Allows faculty/staff/graduate students/undergraduate students (AIs, TAs, Support, UGTAs, etc) to be included in student course evaluations.
  • Contact your area’s course (WUCRSL) administrator for assistance. Registrar and Deans Offices